SHRI BHAGAWATI   EDUCATION & CULTURAL  MANDAL’S   competitive   examination  wing     is  a  novel project of its type an effort in the field of education , imparting      Guidance and Training to the students helping them to built a competitive edge in the world of competitive Examination like UPSC (CDS,NDA),MPSC,MBA,P.O.,IIT,PMT,NTSE etc. Where in SBCC specialise in providing doon step consultancy services to the different schools,colleges,educational institutes and such  Organisations  who wish to train their  students for the competitive examination as listed below, as per the level of students and demand of management. While under its auspacies runs it own training center “ACADEMY FOR CAREER & COMPETITION” where students are selected through written examinations and given exhaustive 10 hours daily training for Top rank services selection examination.

It’s the world of competitive examinations to which the whole new generation in india is moving except our students owing to which we see very few of our students at the top brass rank services as I.A.S., I.P.S., I.F.S. etc or the CAREERS as engineering & medical atthe top level  medical & engineering colleges   . But with out own experience and understanding we can say that our students has been out of race, not because he was not competant, as the student who took export guidance and training have made succesfully, so the reason for lagging behind is lack of orientation, motivation and competant  guidance  & training  .Thus taking intoConsideration the need of the generation and bogged with the sense of social and moral commitment and responsibility of paying back to the fellow friends and students of our society who are treading or are to follow  the path of competitive examinations, our managements have come up with special orientation, Motivation and training programme, helping our students to reach the top room at the top of world there.

The   management of SBCC   vest in the   BOARD OF DirectorS, elected and nominated from among the representatives and   members of SHRI BHAGAWATI  EDUCATIONAL & CULTURAL mandal’S   . The member representatives include retd educationist, education psychologist, successful  top  brass-rank holding officers from civil and defence  (military ) services .

The “SB Career & Education consultant” is experimenting in non formalisation of professional education  courses. Through its ACADEMY FOR CAREERS AND COMPETITION The institute believes in the delivering  value based education & endeavours to produce highly motivated & self confident young people.  For the same our Team of Experts after inhouse research have formulated “THE PERSPECTIVE APPROACH”  of preparation which aims at not only building up a sound intellectual base but also gives full  stress on orienting the personality traits. Based on our exprience  “ That the early bird catches the worm & the  late you start the late you end with a thin line of success”, We have a strategy “Catching them too young” to give an early headstart, instead of reaching an age & year and then starting the retrospective preparation for  the exam from the scratch.
For the same we have formulated different programme profiles for the student of different level as follows.
a) For school students      -          Foundation coursses I,II & III.
b) For 10+2 students      -         Target professional courses.
c) For Graduating students     -      i) The crash courses.  ii) The special courses.
  1. For school (Middle & Higher Secondary) students.
The world of competitive examinations is broad based with its roots entangled in the FOUNDATION  laid by the education system in schools where the individual spends 1/3rd part of their life which inspite of rigorous efforts taken,always remains uncompetible,weak enough not to stand the stress of the solid career put on it by the aspirants in the future ,so in consanance of our dual perspective Approach we have decided to startfrom scratch wherein the “FOUNDATION COURSES” for standard 5th to 7th and standard 8th to 10th, the student will be prepared for different scholarships and Entrance tests to different public schools and military schools as follows.           A)    Scholarships :- IV, VII, X ( NTSE )
B)   Entrances :-
RIMS      (Rashtriya indian military school)            Dehradun.
SPI         (Services Preparatory institutes)         Aurangabad.
SSMPS   (Shri shivaji military preparatory school)    PUNE

It is at this stage that the “Career counselling” team takes the charge of the stage wherein the student  is screened for his aptitude for his aptitude & aspirations with the help of his parents and accordingly the vocational guidance experts will direct the students to select the right faculty/stream after his SSC and the supporting PREPARATORY MODULE as per his aspirations. so as to assure that the right person with the right aspiration is put in the right place for the right future position
3. FOR HSC STUDENTS It is at post SSC and pre HSC level of preparation we plan to tigten our belts for this is the turning point on the path of life with a Top career awaited. Here the previously absorbed students will be reassesed along with new comers, by the Career Counselling and Vocational Guidance experts for thier ability to stand the taste of Tests and changed environment and placed into right courses as TARGET PROFESSIONALS & CRASH PROFESSIONALS & CRASH COURSES for NDA, PMT, IIT.
The last stage of preparation is specially for graduating students of different streams. Arts,Commerce & Science and professional graduates as Engineers and Doctors. Here according to aspirations as assesed by the team of Career counsellers the first year students will be absorbed into different courses for different competitive examinations in,  1. Target Courses.             2. Crash Courses